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36896 4-Seasons Four-Seasons Cooling Fan Assembly New for Ram Truck 50 Pickup

36896 4-Seasons Four-Seasons Cooling Fan Assembly New for Ram Truck 50 Pickup

36896 4-Seasons Four-Seasons Cooling Fan Assembly New for Ram Truck 50 Pickup
4-SEASONS UNIVERSAL COOLING FAN ASSEMBLY - 12 in. Fixing the car or truck's cooling structure wouldn't be as daunting as it is by using 4-Seasons Auxiliary fan. Don't just wait around for your car to experience overall performance reduction and risk sudden breakdown.

Change your faulty Auxiliary fan with a part that meets or exceeds OE technical specifications. Replace them with 4-Seasons Auxiliary fan.

4-Seasons Auxiliary fans are designed after the OEM Auxiliary fan and are produced from the top quality materials using leading-edge manufacturing procedures for better general performance and reliable strength. Brand New in the Box - Fit and Quality Guaranteed! Reversible fan; Does not replace factory original fan - minor modifications are required; Includes mounting and relay kit. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemical which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Compatible with the following vehicles. 97 CL (submodel: Base, Premium). 2007 TL (submodel: Base, Type-S).

2015 TLX (submodel: Base, SH-AWD). 2015 435i Gran Coupe Base. 2015 435i xDrive Gran Coupe Base.

80-88,90-93,96 Century Limited. 80-85 Electra (submodel: Limited, Park Avenue). 2012 LaCrosse (submodel: Convenience, Leather). 82 LeSabre Limited Edition F/E. 83 Riviera XX Anniversary Edition.

64-71,75-76,90-91 Skylark Base. 68-71,86-88,90-98 Skylark Custom. 96 Skylark Olympic Gold Edition. 86-87 Somerset (submodel: Custom, Limited). 85 Somerset Regal (submodel: Base, Limited). 42,46-49 Super Series 50. 92-93 Commercial Chassis (submodel: Base, Brougham). 47-55,85-91,94-96 Commercial Chassis. 2012 CTS (submodel: 3.0L, 3.6L). 79-84 DeVille (submodel: Base, Cabriolet, d'Elegance).

80-85 Eldorado (submodel: Base, Biarritz, Cabriolet). 81 Eldorado Brougham d'Elegance. 79-86 Fleetwood (submodel: Brougham, Brougham d'Elegance). 85-86 Fleetwood (submodel: 75, 75 Formal, Base).

46-49 Series 60 Special Fleetwood. 80-85 Seville (submodel: Base, Elegante).

85 Astro (submodel: CL, CS). 90 Beretta Indianapolis 500 Pace Car. 75-80,82,84 C10 Scottsdale. 75-77,79-80,82-84 C10 Silverado. 75-80 C10 (submodel: Cheyenne, Custom Deluxe). 75-77,79-80 C10 Suburban Silverado. 75-80 C10 Suburban (submodel: Custom Deluxe, Scottsdale). 88-98 C1500 (submodel: Cheyenne, Silverado).

75-80,82,84 C20 Scottsdale. 75-77,79-80,82-84 C20 Silverado. 75-80 C20 (submodel: Cheyenne, Custom Deluxe). 88-95 C2500 (submodel: Cheyenne, Silverado).

94-95 C2500 (submodel: Base, WT). 75,78,80 C30 (submodel: Cheyenne, Custom Deluxe, Scottsdale). 66-67,86-90,92 Caprice Base. 87-88 Caprice Classic LS Brougham. 2012,2015 Captiva Sport LS.

2015 Captiva Sport (submodel: LT, LTZ). 65-67 Chevelle (submodel: Base, SS). 67 Chevelle (submodel: Concours, Deluxe). 80 Citation (submodel: Club, Custom). 80-83 Citation (submodel: Base, X-11).

84-85 Citation II (submodel: Base, X-11). 2010 Cobalt LT Team Canada. 65-77,85-87 El Camino Base. 77,85-86 El Camino Conquista. 75-84 G10 (submodel: Beauville, Chevy Van, Sportvan). 64-66,69-74 G10 Van Base. 75-76,79-84 G20 (submodel: Beauville, Chevy Van). 68-74 G20 Van (submodel: Base, Sportvan). 76,78-79,81-84 G30 (submodel: Beauville, Chevy Van, Hi-Cube). 70-74 G30 Van (submodel: Base, Sportvan).

75-80,82,84 K10 Scottsdale. 75-77,79-80,82-83 K10 Silverado. 75-80 K10 (submodel: Cheyenne, Custom Deluxe).

75-77,79-80 K10 Suburban Silverado. 75-80 K10 Suburban (submodel: Custom Deluxe, Scottsdale). 88-98 K1500 (submodel: Cheyenne, Silverado). 75-76,78-80 K20 (submodel: Cheyenne, Custom Deluxe, Scottsdale).

88-95 K2500 (submodel: Cheyenne, Silverado). 94-95 K2500 (submodel: Base, WT).

75,77-80 K5 Blazer Custom Deluxe. 81-82 LUV (submodel: Base, Mikado, Sport).

82-83,85-88 Monte Carlo Base. 76 Monza Towne Coupe Spyder. 76-77 Monza (submodel: Towne Coupe, Towne Coupe Cabriolet, Towne Coupe Sport). 76,79,90-91 P30 Base. 76,79,90 P30 Step-Van. 82-85,95-2000,2003 S10 Base. 82-85 S10 (submodel: Durango, Sport, Tahoe). 83-84 S10 Blazer (submodel: Base, Sport, Tahoe).

99-2002,2006,2015 Silverado 1500 LS. 2007 Silverado 1500 Classic (submodel: LS, WT) Universal Fit Auxiliary Electric Fan. Add on fans used to supplement the primary engine cooling fan. 2015 Sonic (submodel: LS, LT, LTZ, RS). 47-51,53 Suburban Base Universal Fit Auxiliary Electric Fan.

48-51,53,57-58 Truck 3700. 46-51,53,57-58,60 Truck Base. 47-51,53,57-58 Truck (submodel: 3600, 3800). 57-58 Truck (submodel: 3200, 3400, 3500). 75 Vega (submodel: Estate Wagon, LX, Panel Express).

76 Vega (submodel: Estate, GT, Sport). 2015 200 (submodel: C, S). 2000 Cirrus (submodel: LX, LXi). 90-91 Daytona (submodel: ES, Shelby). 90 LeBaron (submodel: GT, High Line, Premium). 96-99 Sebring (submodel: JX, JXi). 2011 Avenger (submodel: Lux, Mainstreet). 2012 Avenger Canada Value Package. 72-73 B100 Van (submodel: Base, Sportsman). 72-73 B200 Van (submodel: Base, Sportsman). 54-55 C-1 Truck (submodel: B, C, D). 55 C-3 (submodel: DU, DUL, EUL).

55-56 C-3 (submodel: B, C, D). 56 C-4 (submodel: B, C, D). 78-79 Challenger (submodel: Base, Premium). 83-86 Charger (submodel: 2.2, Base, Shelby). 93-94 Colt (submodel: 4x4, SE).

42 Custom Series D-22 Base. 81-82 D50 (submodel: Custom, Royal). 89-2003 Dakota (submodel: Base, Sport). 2013 Dart (submodel: R/T, Rallye).

61 Dart (submodel: Phoenix, Pioneer). 69-71 Dart (submodel: Custom, Swinger).

90-93 Daytona (submodel: Base, ES). 42 Deluxe Series D-22 Base. 2011 Durango (submodel: Express, Heat). 96-97 Grand Caravan (submodel: Base, SE). 2010 Journey (submodel: Base, SE).

61-62 Lancer (submodel: 770, Base). 2003 Neon (submodel: R/T, SE, SRT-4, SXT). 2009 Nitro (submodel: R/T, SE, SLT, SXT). 81-82 Omni (submodel: 024, 024 Miser, Miser).

82 Omni (submodel: 024 Charger 2.2, E-Type). 84-86 Omni (submodel: GLH, SE). 83-84 Power Ram 50 (submodel: Custom, Sport). 84 Power Ram 50 Royal.

97-2001,2003,2006 Ram 1500 Laramie. 97-2001 Ram 1500 (submodel: Sport, WS). 99-2003 Ram 1500 Van Base. 2001 Ram 2500 Van Base.

83-89 Ram 50 (submodel: Custom, Sport). 75-77,86-87,89 W100 Custom. 84-85 W100 Custom Universal Fit Auxiliary Electric Fan. 86-87 W250 Base Universal Fit Auxiliary Electric Fan. 58-59,65-66 Wm300 Power Wagon.

60-64 Wm300 Power Wagon Base. 92-96 Summit (submodel: Base, DL, LX). 90-94 Aerostar (submodel: Eddie Bauer, XL, XL Plus).

90-97 Aerostar (submodel: Base, XLT, XLT Plus). 82-83 Bronco (submodel: XLS, XLT Lariat).

62-65,67 Club Wagon Base. 62-63,67 Club Wagon Deluxe. 95 Contour (submodel: GL Sport, LX Sport). 95-2000 Contour (submodel: LX, SE). 57-58 Del Rio Wagon Base.

69-74 E-100 Econoline Club Wagon. 75-82 E-100 Econoline Club Wagon (submodel: Base, Chateau). 75-83 E-100 Econoline Club Wagon Custom. 75-78 E-100 Econoline Club Wagon Northland. 83 E-100 Econoline Club Wagon XL.

75-83,87-91 E-150 Econoline Custom. 75-82,84-86,92-2002 E-150 Econoline Base. 75-82,84-86 E-150 Econoline Club Wagon Base. 75-82,92-2002 E-150 Econoline Club Wagon Chateau. 75-83,87-2000 E-150 Econoline Club Wagon Custom. 75-78 E-150 Econoline Club Wagon Northland. 84-2002 E-150 Econoline Club Wagon XLT. 71-72 E-200 Econoline Chateau Wagon. 70-74 E-200 Econoline Custom Wagon. 69-74 E-200 Econoline (submodel: Base, Club Wagon).

75-82,84-86,92-2002 E-250 Econoline Base. 75-83,87-91 E-250 Econoline Custom. 75-82,84-86 E-250 Econoline Club Wagon Base.

75-82 E-250 Econoline Club Wagon Chateau. 75-83,87-91 E-250 Econoline Club Wagon Custom. 75-78 E-250 Econoline Club Wagon Northland. 83-91 E-250 Econoline Club Wagon XL. 84-91 E-250 Econoline Club Wagon XLT.

70-74 E-300 Econoline Chateau Wagon. 71-72 E-300 Econoline Custom Wagon. 69-74 E-300 Econoline (submodel: Base, Club Wagon). 75-82,84-86,92-96 E-350 Econoline Base. 75-83,87-91 E-350 Econoline Custom.

77-82,84-86 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon Base. 77-82,92-96 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon Chateau. 77-83,87-96 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon Custom. 92-93 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon Custom HD. 77-78 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon Northland.

83-91 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon XL. 94-96 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon XL HD. 84-89,91-96 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon XLT.

92-96 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon (submodel: Chateau HD, XLT HD). 2003 E-450 Super Duty Custom. 2003 E-450 Super Duty Stripped Chassis Custom. 96 Econoline Super Duty Custom.

97-2004 Expedition (submodel: Eddie Bauer, XLT). 2004 Expedition (submodel: NBX, XLS, XLT Sport).

82-83 F-100 (submodel: XL, XLS, XLT Lariat). 53-74 F-100 Base Universal Fit Auxiliary Electric Fan. 75-81 F-100 (submodel: Ranger, Ranger XLT). 76-78,83-86,97-2000 F-150 Base. 95-96 F-150 (submodel: Eddie Bauer, Special). 77,83-84,93-2015 F-150 XLT. 82,85-92 F-150 XLT Lariat. 75-81 F-150 (submodel: Ranger, Ranger XLT). 2004 F-150 Heritage (submodel: SVT Lightning, XL, XLT).

95-96 F-250 (submodel: Eddie Bauer, Special). 76-78,83-86,97-99 F-250 Base. 53-74 F-250 Base Universal Fit Auxiliary Electric Fan.

77,83-84,93-99 F-250 XLT. 82,85-92 F-250 XLT Lariat. 75-81 F-250 (submodel: Ranger, Ranger XLT).

97 F-250 HD (submodel: XL, XLT). 99-2010 F-250 Super Duty (submodel: Lariat, XL, XLT). 76-78,83-86,97 F-350 Base. 53-74 F-350 Base Universal Fit Auxiliary Electric Fan.

77,83-84,93-97 F-350 XLT. 82,85-92 F-350 XLT Lariat.

75-81 F-350 (submodel: Ranger, Ranger XLT). 99-2010 F-350 Super Duty (submodel: Lariat, XL, XLT). 78-82 Fairmont (submodel: Base, Futura). 64-70 Falcon (submodel: Base, Futura).

2005 Focus (submodel: ZX4, ZX4 ST, ZXW). 61 Galaxie (submodel: Club Victoria, Starliner, Sunliner, Town Victoria).

62-64 Galaxie 500 (submodel: Sunliner, Victoria). 72-76 Gran Torino (submodel: Base, Squire). 81-82 Granada (submodel: GL, GLX, L).

75-80 Granada (submodel: Base, Ghia). 81-86 LTD (submodel: Country Squire, Crown Victoria). 86 LTD (submodel: Country Squire LX, Crown Victoria LX). 87-91 LTD Crown Victoria (submodel: Base, LX, S). 77-78 LTD II (submodel: Base, Brougham, S). 42 Model 2 GA Special. 42 Model 21 A Deluxe.

82-83 Mustang (submodel: GL, GLX). 84 Mustang GT-350 20th Anniversary. 70-73,2004 Mustang Mach 1. 93-95,2004 Mustang SVT Cobra.

93 Mustang SVT Cobra R. 2015 Mustang (submodel: GT 50 Years Limited Edition, GT Premium, V6).

74-78 Mustang II (submodel: Base, Ghia, Mach 1). 57-65,67-74,76 P-350 Base. 75-76 P-400 (submodel: Base, Custom). 75-77 P-500 (submodel: Base, Custom).

56 Park Lane Wagon Base. 93-97 Probe (submodel: Base, GT). 70 Ranch Wagon Police Cruiser.

84,86-88,91-92 Ranger S. 2015 Special Service Police Sedan. 2014 Special Service Police Sedan Base. 88-95 Taurus (submodel: GL, LX). 84-86 Tempo (submodel: Base, GL, GLX, LX). 83-88 Thunderbird (submodel: Sport, Turbo). 56-58,77-78,80-88,91-92 Thunderbird Base.

78,80-82 Thunderbird Town Landau. 71 Torino (submodel: 500, Cobra). 2015 Transit-150 (submodel: Base, XL, XLT). 2015 Transit-350 (submodel: Base, XL, XLT). 2015 Transit-350 HD (submodel: Base, XL, XLT).

98-2000 Windstar (submodel: Base, LX). 99-2000 Windstar (submodel: SE, SEL). 75-78 C15 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande).

75-78 C15 Suburban (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande). 67 C15/C1500 Suburban Base Universal Fit Auxiliary Electric Fan. 79-82 C1500 (submodel: Sierra Grande, Street Coupe). 79-84 C1500 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic).

92-93 C1500 (submodel: Sierra, Sierra SLX). 94-98 C1500 (submodel: Sierra SL, Sierra SLT, Sierra Special). 79-80 C1500 Suburban (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande). 75,77-78 C25 (submodel: Base, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande).

75,77 C25 High Sierra. 67 C25/C2500 Suburban Base Universal Fit Auxiliary Electric Fan. 79-84 C2500 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic). 92-93 C2500 (submodel: Sierra, Sierra SLX). 75,78 C35 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande).

79-80 C3500 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande). 78-84 Caballero (submodel: Base, Diablo). 81 Caballero (submodel: Conquista, Royal Knight). 75,77-78 G15 (submodel: Rally, Rally STX). 68-69,71-74 G15/G1500 Van Rally. 79-84 G1500 (submodel: Rally, Rally STX, Vandura). 68-69,71-74 G25/G2500 Van Rally. 79-84 G2500 (submodel: Rally, Rally STX, Vandura). 78 G35 (submodel: Vandura, Vandura Special). 70-71,74 G35/G3500 Van Base. 71-74 G35/G3500 Van (submodel: Rally, Vandura). 79,82-84 G3500 (submodel: Vandura, Vandura Special). 75-82 Jimmy (submodel: High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande). 75-78 K15 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande). 75-78 K15 Suburban (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande).

79-84 K1500 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic). 92-93 K1500 (submodel: Sierra, Sierra SLX). 94-98 K1500 (submodel: Sierra SL, Sierra SLT, Sierra Special).

79-80 K1500 Suburban (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande). 75-76,78 K25 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande). 67 K25/K2500 Suburban Base Universal Fit Auxiliary Electric Fan. 80 K2500 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic, Sierra Grande).

92-93 K2500 (submodel: Sierra, Sierra SLX). 67,70-73 P15/P1500 Van Base. 67-70,72-74 P25/P2500 Van Base. 82-85 S15 (submodel: Base, High Sierra, Sierra Classic).

83-84 S15 Jimmy (submodel: Base, Gypsy, Sierra Classic). 85 Safari (submodel: SL, SLE, SLX). 99-2002,2006 Sierra 1500 SL. 2007 Sierra 1500 Classic (submodel: SL, WT) Universal Fit Auxiliary Electric Fan. 76 Sprint Sierra Madre Del Sur.

2014 Accord (submodel: Hybrid EX-L, Hybrid Touring, Plug-In). 2006 Accord LX Special Edition. 2013 Fit (submodel: Base, DX, LX, Sport).

90 Prelude (submodel: 2.0 S, 2.0 Si, Si, Si 4WS, Si ALB, SR). 2015,2017 Elantra (submodel: GL, L, SE).

2017 Elantra (submodel: Eco, LE, Ultimate). 2016 Elantra GT (submodel: GL, GLS, L, Limited).

2003 HLD 150 Base Universal Fit Auxiliary Electric Fan. 2015 Santa Fe (submodel: GLS, Limited) Universal Fit Auxiliary Electric Fan. 2017 Santa Fe (submodel: Limited Ultimate, SE Ultimate). 2017 Santa Fe Sport 2.0T Ultimate. 2015 Santa Fe Sport (submodel: Limited, Luxury, Premium, SE) With 12 in. 2017 Santa Fe XL (submodel: Limited Ultimate, SE, SE Ultimate). 2016 Sonata (submodel: Eco, Plug-In Hybrid Ultimate, Sport Tech). 87 Stellar (submodel: CL Deluxe, CXL Super). 2015 Tucson (submodel: GL, GLS). 66 1000A (submodel: Base, Travelall Custom).

67 1000B (submodel: Base, Travelall Custom). 68 1000C (submodel: Base, Travelall). 69-70 1000D (submodel: Base, Travelall).

66 1100A (submodel: Base, Travelall Custom). 67 1100B (submodel: Base, Travelall Custom).

68 1100C (submodel: Base, Travelall Custom). 69-70 1100D (submodel: Base, Travelall Custom).

66 1200A (submodel: Base, Travelall Custom). 67 1200B (submodel: Base, Travelall Custom). 69-70 1200D (submodel: Base, Travelall Custom).

63-64 M Series Van Base. 69-71 M800 Post Office Base. 71-74,76-80 Scout II Base. 76-80 Scout II (submodel: Terra, Traveler). 97-2000 Hombre (submodel: S, XS). 83 Cherokee Wide Track Chief. 76-86 CJ7 (submodel: Base, Renegade). 87-88 Comanche (submodel: Chief, Laredo).

87-92 Comanche (submodel: Base, Pioneer). 66-71,73-78,80-83 DJ5 Base. 95,97 Grand Cherokee Orvis. 2012 Grand Cherokee Overland Summit.

2010 Grand Cherokee (submodel: North Edition, S Limited). 2004 Grand Cherokee Special Edition.

66-71 Jeepster (submodel: Base, Commando). 2015 Renegade (submodel: Latitude, Limited, North, Sport, Trailhawk). 85 Scrambler (submodel: Laredo, Renegade). 72-73,80-82,87 Wagoneer Base.

47-50 Willys (submodel: 463, Panel). 55 Willys (submodel: CJ-5, Utility Wagon). 2006 Wrangler 65th Anniversary Edition. 2014 Optima Hybrid EX Premium.

2009 Sorento (submodel: L, LX Luxury). 2004 Spectra (submodel: Base, GS, GSX, LS). 84-85 Continental (submodel: Base, Givenchy, Valentino). 2005 LS (submodel: Appearance, Luxury, Premium, Sport, Ultimate). 84-85 Mark VII (submodel: Base, Bill Blass, LSC, Versace).

2015 3 Sport (submodel: GS, GT, GX). 2011 3 Sport Universal Fit Auxiliary Electric Fan.

93-2002 626 (submodel: ES, LX). 93-97 MX-6 (submodel: Base, LS). 66-67,72-74,79-83 Capri Base.

82-83 Capri (submodel: Black Magic, L). 62-63 Comet (submodel: Custom, S-22). 83,87-88,91-92 Cougar LS. 80,84-86,93,95-97 Cougar XR-7. 94 Cougar XR-7 Universal Fit Auxiliary Electric Fan.

2003 Grand Marquis LSE Universal Fit Auxiliary Electric Fan. 92-96,98-2000,2002 Grand Marquis (submodel: GS, LS). 97,2001,2003 Grand Marquis (submodel: GS, LS) Universal Fit Auxiliary Electric Fan. 2010 Mariner (submodel: Base, Hybrid, Premier).

83-86 Marquis (submodel: Base, Brougham). 62-63 Meteor (submodel: Custom, S-33). 68-74 Montego (submodel: Base, MX).

70-74 Montego (submodel: MX Brougham, Villager). 95 Mystique (submodel: Base, GS Spree, LS Young America). 95-2000 Mystique (submodel: GS, LS).

86,88-95 Sable (submodel: GS, LS). 92 Topaz (submodel: LTS, Sport, XR5). 78-83 Zephyr (submodel: Base, Z7).

90-94 Eclipse (submodel: Base, GS). 93-94 Expo LRV (submodel: Base, Sport). 2004 Galant (submodel: DE, ES, GTS, LS).

2004 Lancer (submodel: Sportback, Sportback Ralliart). 90-92 Mighty Max 1 Ton. 89 Montero (submodel: Base, LS, SP, Sport).

97-99 Montero Sport (submodel: ES, LS, XLS). 2015 Outlander Sport (submodel: ES, GT). 2015 RVR (submodel: GT, Limited). 83-86 720 (submodel: Base, Deluxe). 86-94 D21 (submodel: Base, SE).

2015 Frontier (submodel: S, SV). 91-93 NX (submodel: SE, XE). 2014 Pathfinder (submodel: Platinum, Platinum Hybrid, SL, SL Hybrid, SV Hybrid). 94,2003 Sentra Limited Edition.

91-94 Sentra (submodel: E, SE). 91-94,96-2003 Sentra (submodel: GXE, XE). 77-79,81-83,85 98 Regency. 82-83,85 98 Regency Brougham. 80-81 Cutlass (submodel: Brougham, LS).

79 Cutlass Vista Cruiser Brougham. 82-88 Cutlass Ciera (submodel: Brougham, LS).

84-85 Cutlass Ciera (submodel: Cruiser, Cruiser LS). 86-88 Cutlass Ciera (submodel: S, SL). 82-83,88 Cutlass Ciera Base. 83,85-86 Cutlass Ciera ES.

88 Cutlass Cruiser (submodel: Brougham LS, SL). 80-81,87 Cutlass Cruiser Brougham.

78-79,85-86 Cutlass Salon 442. 75-80,85-87 Cutlass Salon Base. 88 Cutlass Supreme (submodel: Classic, Classic Brougham, Indy 500 Pace Car, International, SL). 81,85 Cutlass Supreme LS.

80-86 Delta 88 Royale Brougham. 84-85 Delta 88 Royale Brougham LS. 85 Firenza (submodel: Brougham LX, Brougham SX, Cruiser SX, ES). 85-87 Firenza (submodel: Base, GT). 86-87 Firenza (submodel: Cruiser, LC, LX, S).

99 Intrigue (submodel: GL, GLS, GX). 46-48,50 Series 76 Base. 77-79 Starfire (submodel: Base, Firenza, GT, SX). 79-80 Arrow (submodel: Base, GS, GT). 92 Colt (submodel: 100 E, 200 E, 200 GT, 4x4). 92-94 Colt (submodel: GL, Vista, Vista SE).

68,70-74 Fury (submodel: Custom Suburban, Suburban). 65,69,76-78 Fury Sport. 87-89,92-93 Grand Voyager LE.

87-89,92-93,95-2000 Grand Voyager SE. 74 PB200 Van (submodel: Voyager, Voyager EX Wagon).

71-74 Satellite (submodel: Custom, Regent, Sebring, Sebring Plus). 56,58-59,61 Suburban Deluxe. 82 TC3 (submodel: Custom, Turismo). 83-85 Turismo 2.2 Base. 75 Valiant (submodel: Custom, Scamp). 76-77 Volare (submodel: Custom, Premier).

77-86 Bonneville (submodel: Base, Brougham). 53-54 Chieftain (submodel: Custom, Special).

76,82-83 Grand LeMans BR. 77,79-81 Grand LeMans LE.

78,81 Grand LeMans SA. 97-2003,2005 Grand Prix GTP. 84-87,89-91 Grand Prix LE.

89,91,97-2002 Grand Prix SE. 69-70,73-74,77-81 LeMans Safari. 59-70,74,77-86 Parisienne Base. 78-79 Phoenix (submodel: LJ, SJ). 92-93 Sunbird LE Value Leader. 78-79 Sunbird (submodel: Base, Safari). 2014 1500 (submodel: Laramie, Laramie Limited, Laramie Longhorn). 2006 Relay (submodel: 2, 3).

76,81-84,88-89 DL Base. 2014 Forester 2.5i Convenience. 2002 Forester (submodel: Base, L, S). 86-89 GL (submodel: Base, Turbo). 2005,2008 Impreza Outback Sport.

2014 Legacy 2.5i Sport. 2008 Legacy (submodel: 2.5i Special Edition, 3.0 R Limited, GT, GT Limited, GT spec. 2015 Legacy (submodel: 3.6R Limited, 3.6R Touring). 2007 Outback 2.5i Basic. 2010 Outback 2.5i Sport.

2005,2007 Outback XT Limited. 2015 Outback (submodel: 3.6R Limited, 3.6R Touring). 88-91 XT (submodel: GL, XT6). 2015 Avalon (submodel: Hybrid XLE Premium, Hybrid XLE Touring, XLE Premium, XLE Touring, XLE Touring SE).

88-91 Camry (submodel: DLX, DLX All Trac, LE All Trac). 86,90-97 Celica (submodel: GT, ST). 93 Celica GTS All Trac. 72-73 Corona (submodel: Base, Mark II). 85 Land Cruiser (submodel: BJ60, BJ60LG-MK). 91-95 MR2 (submodel: Base, Turbo). 2007 Solara (submodel: SE, SLE, Sport). 2012 Venza (submodel: AWD V6, V6). 2008 Beetle (submodel: S, SE). 2014 Beetle (submodel: GSR, Highline, Highline TDI). 99-2000 Beetle (submodel: GL, GLS, GLX).

2006,2008 Beetle 2.5. 2009 CC (submodel: VR6, VR6 4Motion, VR6 Sport). 2012 CC (submodel: Lux Limited, Lux Plus).

92 Corrado (submodel: G60, SLC). 2007 Eos (submodel: 3.2, Base).

2008 Eos (submodel: Komfort, Lux, Turbo, VR6). 2011 Golf (submodel: Comfortline, Highline, Sportline, TDI Comfortline, TDI Highline, Trendline). 95 Golf (submodel: Celebration Edition, City, Sport). 97 Golf (submodel: Jazz, Trek).

2003 Golf GTI 20th Anniversary. 96-99,2005,2011 Golf TDI. 2004 Golf (submodel: GL TDI, GLS TDI). 2015 Golf Sportwagen (submodel: Comfortline, Comfortline TDI, Highline, Highline TDI, S, SE, SEL, TDI S, TDI SE, TDI SEL, Trendline, Trendline TDI). 2005 Jetta (submodel: GL TDI, GLS TDI).

2009,2011,2013,2015 Jetta Comfortline. 2011 Jetta (submodel: TDI Comfortline, TDI Highline). 94 Jetta (submodel: CL, Limited Edition). 2014 Jetta (submodel: Comfort, Comfort TDI).

95 Jetta (submodel: Celebration Edition, City). 2015 Jetta (submodel: Comfortline TDI, GLI Autobahn, GLI SE, GLI SEL, Sport, TDI S, TDI SE, TDI SEL, Trendline TDI).

2008 Passat (submodel: Lux, Turbo, VR6). 93,95-96,98-2005 Passat GLS. 2009 Passat CC Highline V6. 2015 Touareg (submodel: Sportline, Sportline TDI). 82-83 Vanagon (submodel: Campmobile, GL, L).

2004 S40 (submodel: Base, i, LSE, T5). 2004 S60 (submodel: 2.4, 2.5T, 2.5T AWD, R). 2015 V60 (submodel: T5, T6, T6 R-Design). 2015 XC70 (submodel: 3.2, T6).

2008 XC90 3.2 Sport. The item "36896 4-Seasons Four-Seasons Cooling Fan Assembly New for Ram Truck 50 Pickup" is in sale since Friday, July 17, 2020. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Car & Truck Parts\Cooling Systems\Fans & Kits".

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  • Amp Draw: 8.8 Amps
  • Brand: 4-Seasons
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Design: Single fan
  • Diameter: 12 in.
  • Fitment Type: Performance/Custom
  • Flow Rate: 880 CFM
  • Interchange Part Number: 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 36896
  • Notes: Reversible fan; Does not replace factory original fan - minor mod
  • Part Name: Cooling Fan Assembly
  • Shroud Material: Plastic
  • Superseded Part Number: SE Plus SXT Plus SE 30th Anniversary Edition
  • Type: Auxiliary fan
  • UPC: 096361368965
  • Warranty: 2 Year

36896 4-Seasons Four-Seasons Cooling Fan Assembly New for Ram Truck 50 Pickup